Esined Ragdoll cats
 Esined Ragdoll cats

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If you wish to have a new addition to your family then one of my kitten's, who have been brought up with the freedom of my home, getting to know all the funny and scary noise's, although they have freedom to the whole house they do insist on being in the same room as me and at night they curl up to sleep on my bed.


If you can offer a loving, gentle,long term pet home and desire the company,playfulness,sweet eye candy, cuddles and loyalty of a large gentle giant then please call me. 

Please send an E-mail to


send a text or call my mobile...............07729127956


  as I live in a village the mobl signal is not always good, so my landline number is good to chat or leave a message so I can call

you back if I cant get to the phone........01354 688318

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