Esined Ragdoll cats
 Esined Ragdoll cats

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I am an experianced Ragdoll cat breeder, established in 2005.


All my cats are pets first and I breed for the love of the breed as Ragdolls are by far, in my oppinion, the perfect house cat who makes the perfect companion to single homes and a great addition to family homes.


My Ragdolls are registered on the Active register with the GCCF and I follow the rules.


My Web site is under constuction due to my web site providers changing and updateing their site. I am working on adding all my hard work over the years that has now been lost, so please keep popping by to catch up with me and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Kindest Regards Denise x

I started Breeding Ragdoll cats in 2005 when it became nessasary to have an indoor cat, after moving to a village and on a road.


Going from, what I consider a real cat "moggy" which I cant remember a time in my life when I didnt have any, to an indoor cat and  pedigree, man made breed really did not sit well with me.


I wanted a "Cat" none of the pictures of indoor cats even looked like cat's to me. Then after a few years of serching I came across the Ragdoll cats, They looked like a cat! well apart from the colours. After loads of reseach I became mistified by them, encharnted into the mystery and politics behind these cats.


I was lucky enough to be offered a mother and Daughter Ragdoll from a friend of my mothers, who was a breeder and for sad personal reasons had stopped breeding. When it came to rehoming her stud she felt unsure as she may want to start again, which saddly she never did. The stud "Happytyme darwinn" came to live with me.


I studied the pedigrees I had, wishing to trace their history, still fasinated and intrqued with these amazing cats that were living in my home and amazing me with their intelligents, humour, playfulness and wanting cuddles, to curl up with me and take ownership of my lap as soon as I sat down.


I traced "Happytyme Darwinn" to be one of the first kittens to be born in the uk of the "Tabby series" from "Happytyme and "happytyme Cambriaa" who was one of the first Cream females to be born in the uk from the "Red series"  and "Happytyme Shelly's" mum had USA registration, so I reserched "Happytyme" catteries and it soon became obvious that "Louise" from "Happytyme" was not the run of the mill breeder, she had been over to America and spoken in great lengths to "Ann Baker" about Anns breeding program on her wounderful Discovery of the Ragdoll cats. Louise  hold's the passion for the Ragdolls and after breeding them and only them for over 20years holds a great knowledge which is valuble to the "Ragdolls"


 I was very excited about these precious blood lines that I contacted "Happytyme" who agreed I could continue their breeding program.


"Happytyme" have been Breeding "Miracle Ragdolls" who are what Ann Baker, founder of the "Ragdoll cats" called her solid coloured Ragdolls now for around 8 years. I have been honuored with a "Miracle Ragdoll" stud who I call "Hubble" a silver Tabby point. His kittens have been totally Breath taking this year and they accually look like a Cats with all the right colours! oh eccept they grow very big, floppy, playful,loving,eye candy, funny, intelligent,loyal companions that are indoor cats, safe from the roads, dogs, foxes, disapering, slug pellets, antifreeze or being stolen.


As Indoor cats I feel I offer my Ragdolls a safe enviroment to live an active, varied,interesting indoor cats life, yes its a challenge but they all appear Happy cats! thats my Great Great Great Gandma's to their Daughters,son's and grand children.



silver tabby

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